FA&A was established as a consulting firm to provide clients comprehensive, professional services for construction and surety consulting, construction services, dispute resolution and funds control.

Surety Consulting

  • Analyze, manage and resolve performance and payment bond disputes.
  • Perform analyses and cost-to-complete estimates on project defaults.
  • Provide project management for projects left unfinished by the defaulted contractor.
  • Provide bid and re-let services to obtain completion cost options for the surety.
  • Supervise the financing of principals where directed by the surety to manage project completion and cost.
  • Provide negotiation and claim assistance to bring about quick resolution to construction claims.
  • Prepare affirmative and defensive claims on behalf of the surety and/or the principal.
  • Provide technical and professional assistance under technical scopes and budgets for cost management.
  • Perform project completion assistance pre and post-termination to minimize loss.
  • Provide funds administration to assist both the underwriting and claims functions.
  • Provide restructuring advice to sureties and distressed contractors.
  • Provide surety claims management.