FA&A was established as a consulting firm to provide clients comprehensive, professional services for construction and surety consulting, construction services, dispute resolution and funds control.

Construction Services

  • Provide Construction Management for federal, state and local government projects, as well as institutional facilities and private construction work.
  • Direct and manage the completion of new, newly started, nearly completed and distressed projects.
  • Analyze architect and construction management services including quality and scheduling of deliverables, management information reporting, claim avoidance and response.
  • Surety Consulting

  • Analyze, manage and resolve performance and payment bond disputes.
  • Perform analyses and cost-to-complete estimates on project defaults.
  • Provide project management for projects left unfinished by the defaulted contractor.
  • Provide bid and re-let services to obtain completion cost options for the surety.
  • Supervise the financing of principals where directed by the surety to manage project completion and cost.
  • Provide negotiation and claim assistance to bring about quick resolution to construction claims.
  • Prepare affirmative and defensive claims on behalf of the surety and/or the principal.
  • Provide technical and professional assistance under technical scopes and budgets for cost management.
  • Perform project completion assistance pre and post-termination to minimize loss.
  • Provide funds administration to assist both the underwriting and claims functions.
  • Provide restructuring advice to sureties and distressed contractors.
  • Provide surety claims management.
  • Dispute Resolution

  • Conduct investigation and analysis of construction claims, surety bond claims, schedule analysis and delay claims.
  • Litigation support.
  • Expert testimony.
  • Funds Control/Administration

    Funds Control is an underwriting tool available to the Surety to ensure that contract funds are utilized for their intended purpose and eliminate potential payment bond related claims from surfacing on the bonded project. Utilizing Funds Control may provide the Surety with an alternative in underwriting a bond for a Principal that may not qualify for the bond, be financially stable, or unable to provide collateral. The use of Funds Control can benefit all parties involved, including the Surety, Contractor and Obligee.

    Benefits of Funds Control:

  • Establish designated escrow account in the Contractor's Name
  • Isolates bonded contract funds
  • Ensure Project Funds are used solely for the costs incurred on the bonded project
  • Disbursements and Escrow Account controlled by the Escrow Agent
  • Checks Issued are in the name of the Contractor (Principal)
  • Ability to set aside Collateral, Working Capital, and/or Surety Holdback
  • Elimination of potential Payment Bond Claims
  • Disbursements are generally processed the day the funds are received into the escrow account (provided adequate documentation and support is received from Principal)
  • Escrow Account Register is provided to Principal every time transactions are done
  • Verify Payroll and Payroll Tax Liabilities are being paid timely
  • Tracking of Original Budgets to Actual Costs as project progresses
  • Other Benefits:

  • Prepare "Letter of Direction" to be sent to Obligee (to facilitate Contract Funds being sent direct from Obligee to Escrow Bank)
  • Payments from Obligee are still be made payable to Principal
  • Ability to utilize same escrow account for multiple bonded project with the Principal
  • Principal to obtain Final Release/Waivers from Subcontractors and Major Vendor as part of project closeout.
  • Priority of disbursements from escrow account (Subs and Vendors first, Principal second (payroll reimbursements, other costs, profit/overhead to the extent funds are available)
  • Subcontractors and Vendors get paid for work performed through the period of Requisitioned Funds.
  • Ability to track project completion, change orders and sub/vendor disbursements and lien waivers.
  • Give's Surety control to direct payments for bonded obligations
  • Principal to obtain and provide Final Release/Waivers from Subcontractors and Major Vendor as part of project closeout.
  • Can identify problems as they occur on the project